Lifespring Prayer


As a church, we love to pray!

We believe that God not only listens to our prayers but actually responds and things can change because we pray.

We also know that people value being prayed for and so here you can find some different ways to receive prayer.


If you've clicked through from our livestream on Sundays and would like to receive prayer in response to that meeting, click on the LIVE PRAYER button and that will take you directly to people that can pray with you via the Zoom app.

Please note this is only available between 11.40am and 12.10pm on a Sunday morning.


If you would like to request a prayer slot with our Prayer Team for a time during the week, please click on the Request Prayer button and fill out the connected form. Someone will be in touch with you to arrange a time to pray together using the Zoom Conference App.

Please note this is for prayer only, this is not a counselling service. We always recommend seeking professional medical help if counselling is required.

Request Prayer