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Family Focus

This week we learned about God’s plan to rescue us from the curse of sin.

What can you remember about sin and the problem it creates for us?

We discovered that even though we’re not perfect and no amount of good behaviour will ever be enough to bring us back to God, it’s not game over

because with Jesus, we have the ‘Grace Hack’!

What can you remember about the ‘Grace Hack’? What did God do to deal with the separation our sin created between us and God?

How can we use this ‘Grace Hack’ to reconnect with God ourselves?

We heard about the need for us to repent (say sorry and turn from sin), trust in Jesus' death on the cross for our forgiveness and choose to follow Jesus.

Is this something you have done? Or is this something you’d like to do? Talk about this together with your family.


Take some time to pray and thank God for his Big Rescue! For the love he showed in coming to save us, even sending His own son Jesus to the cross for our sin. Perhaps someone in the family would like to make a response to the gospel!