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This week's resources

Family Focus

This week we looked back on the first 3 episodes of One Track. Take some time as a family to reflect on all we looked learned and how you might respond.

The Gospel Path

Jonny discovered that the ‘Be Perfect; path and ‘Good Works’ path were no good!

But we learned that even though we’re not perfect and no amount of good behaviour will ever be enough to bring us back to God, it’s not game over because with Jesus, we have the ‘Grace Hack’!

What can you remember about the ‘Grace Hack’? What did God do to deal with the separation our sin created between us and God?

We heard about the need for us to repent (say sorry and turn from sin), trust in Jesus' death on the cross for our forgiveness and choose to follow Jesus.

Ask if anyone in the family would like to make a response to the gospel today?

The Bible

We discovered the Bible is a wonderful gift to us from God. It helps us get to know him better and even hear Him speak to us!

Take some time to share each of your experiences with reading the Bible.

Do you have any favourite books? Characters? How have you heard God speak to you through it? What do you find challenging about the Bible?

Think about how you can help & encourage one another to get to know God better this week through reading the Bible.


Baptism is a very special event where we celebrate what Jesus has done for us and the new life we have in him.

Take some time to share your experiences of baptism - those who’ve been baptised and those who’ve seen others baptised.

You could remind yourselves of what we learned in the video about what baptism means and then ask if anyone would like to be baptised at the next opportunity.

Baptism in the Holy Spirit

What do each of you know of the Holy Spirit? Who is He? What does He do?

Jesus makes us a wonderful promise in Luke 11:13, that God will give the Holy Spirit to all who ask him!

If you would like to know the Holy Spirit, pray and ask the Father for him!

You can ask the Holy Spirit to help you grow in the fruit and the gifts of the Spirit too.